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View your Live Digital Marketing Data on Tableau

Designed for Analysts and Marketers who use Tableau


Get from Data to Decisions on Tableau

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Use Tableau Effectively


With Nugit’s Tableau integration, analysts can now easily set up media data on Tableau without the hassle of manually uploading data into Tableau.  

We provide an automated direct API connection from multiple key platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google, AdWords and DoubleClick and feeds it automatically into Tableau for you. Your team can now easily visualise the data for optimisation and reporting needs without having to manually export and import campaign data daily.

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  1. Speak to our team to create a Nugit Account

  2. Connect your Media Data Acccounts to Nugit

  3. Nugit automatically extracts and stores your media data and feeds it into your Tableau desktop client

  4. Access & build data visualisations on Tableau 



Use your favorite Tableau functions with your marketing data


All your marketing data in one view

Analyse your Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Doubleclick and other digital media spends in one consolidated view in Tableau

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Time-based analysis

Track your media spend across media channels by day and find out when to spend to get the best ROI

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Deep dive into specific segments

Utilize advanced Tableau functionalities to dive deeper into your data set to formulate your marketing strategies.

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All you need to know about Tableau.nugit 


How does Nugit connect to Tableau?

Tableau.Nugit ports data to PostgreSQL and is accessible by any BI program supporting PostgreSQL connections.

How does Nugit retrieve my data for use in Tableau?

Nugit uses our existing API connections to extract data from your digital media platforms and store it in the Secure Nugit Cloud for use by Tableau and other SQL clients.

What kind of data is available from Tableau.Nugit?

Currently, the most popular data slices are available in the SQL services. Other more specific cuts of data and custom breakdowns may be added based on popular feedback. Contact us if you have suggestions.

How often is my data refreshed?

Data is refreshed daily, based availability from the respective third party platforms. Most data sets are available on a Daily breakdown. In the future, we may include our Hourly Data for some data platforms where this is available.

Does Tableau.Nugit work with other BI applications?

Yes, this service works with any other data visualisation application that supports SQL. Some examples include QlikView and Roambi.

How much will Tableau.Nugit cost?

 Nugit will charge a monthly subscription based on the volume of data stored. The final pricing model will be decided based on feedback from beta testers. As a thank you for being part of the beta program, you’ll receive a big discount when we move out of beta.

Tableau.Nugit Beta Test

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