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Inside Nugit

Designer at Nugit, Hoang Giang is a self professed optimist, having a deep passion about design and crafting beautiful things, especially user interfaces and user experience. Originally from Vietnam, Giang (also known as Green) is often found at Nugit’s design lab in Singapore, hunched over a sketch board, working his creative juices and poring over his latest masterpiece. Today, we finally caught up with the elusive god of design and question him on his latest marvellous feat – the Nugit mobile application.

1. What is Nugit Knowledge Sharing?


Nugit knowledge sharing is a weekly event where people take turns to share about a topic which they are interested or passionate about. The topics are not restrictive, hence allowing the sharing sessions to be interesting and fun.



2. What was your presentation about?


It was about the new mobile app for Nugit. Basically, my idea is to make our App more convenient for people to use. As you know, we have been focusing on the web version of Nugit thus far, and will like to extend our optimal service to all platforms, with an emphasis on convenience and performance. Most people definitely have their phones with them all the time, hence Nugit can be accessible by everyone at any time. I did the mobile app first rather than application for apple TV or iPad because phones are more commonly carried around by people, as compared to other devices, thus gunning for the mobile app is the wise choice to make.


3. Which was the most difficult part when designing the nugit mobile app?


The most difficult part when I was designing the nugit mobile app, which I had spent about a really long time doing it, was bringing all the functions together inside the small screen. I mean, some parts of Nugit you can drag and drop but… I mean, its just really hard to work on a small, tiny screen, so I have to come up with different ideas and restructure the layout a bit. Perhaps the most excruciating moment was when I try to optimise the report builders for the mobile app. The report builders have a lot of addition tools and a lot of functions, so it took me quite a while. Generally, the app took a long time to be designed as I basically started from scratch and have to design and animate many features. 


4. Where did you get inspiration when designing the Nugit app?


I searched around and mainly referenced some examples from Pinterest and Dribble. There, I got some basic ideas for the style of the Nugit app. I referenced heavily from the material design guidelines, take a look around and then did a bit of research on the required animations.


We thank Giang for showcasing his work!


Inside Nugit
In the beginning, all was Chaos. The Rulers of Accounts in the Land of Media were besieged by the wild Serpents of Data. For Data was not organised then, but flowed in intermingling streams of meaningless multitudes. Much time and effort was spent every moon to wrest meaning from the Ether(net) and harvest Profitable Insights from the Data.

The Chief Executor of Nug beheld this parlous state of affairs and decided that it could no longer be. So he gathered him a band of Wizards, wise in the ways of UI and UX and Unix, and they journeyed far into the dark realm of Bits and Bytes. As they journeyed, they cast their spells, drawing the Serpents from the Ether(net) and transforming them into useful Tables and beautiful Graphs from which Profitable Insights could be harvested with ease. Yea, even the wildest of the Serpents proved no match for the magical Pythons Two wielded by the mighty Wizards of Nug.

The Wizards of Nug built with their incantations the great self-renewing Fortress of Nug, from which streams of wild Data would automagically be transmuted into perpetual Rivers of Information. These great works pleased the Rulers of Accounts to no end. Far did the Wizards journey, for a score of moons, but the Serpents were many, and the Wizards, few. Like dread Hydra slain by the mighty Heracles, for every Serpent transformed, two more rose to take its place. The Chief Executor of Nug was troubled, for though the works achieved thus far were mighty, he knew that the ones yet to be could be mightier still. Thus gathered he his Wizards, and spoke unto them.

“Guys, we need more developers.”

And all about him knew that it was so.

And his Wizards replied unto him, “Verily, you speak truth, O Chief Executor of Nug.”

“Heh, very funny, dude,” spake Chief Executor of Nug. “CEO of Nugit → Chief Executor of Nug. I get it. Why the fantasy-speak, though?”

“The Power is the Will, O Chief Executor, but the Word shapes the Power. Hence, if the Words be precise and ordered, the Nugits will be well-structured and beautiful to behold.”

“O-kaaay…” Chief Executor replied. “You know, I think I understand what you mean by serpents. Whatever you need, ahh… how can I put this in your language, go forth mighty wizard! “

And so, the Chief Executor conferred with the Lord Investors of Startups and the worth of Nug was not found wanting. Issued they the wealth of nations to Nugland, that more Wizards could heed the call. So there they stand now. The Wizards of Nug, with their spells and their magical Pythons Two, arrayed against the uncountable legions of Chaos. All know that Chaos can never be fully destroyed, but if the Wizards are mighty, their spells well-wrought and their hearts true, then may parts of Chaos be tamed and shaped and harnessed for the purposes of Man. Ere the final battle is joined, Nugland will need more mighty Wizards to wield the Pythons Two in battle, and wise Oracles, who can pierce the veils of Time with their miraculous vision and predict what manner of dread Data will emerge from the Wilds next week. Join us, worthy Wizards and Oracles, in this most glorious of battles. Together, we can prevail over-….

“Heh, you’re still doing the fantasy-speak, eh? Hmm, are you sure this will work as a recruitment blog post? I know I told you to go for it when you said you’d write one with a fantasy theme, but this seems a bit much.”

“Ok wizard guy, go find some engineers and ease off the beer drinking when you’re coding. “

Now Hiring: Python Engineer

Click ye the linke above if ye be willing to stand with-


Inside Nugit
Can you program in Python?

Do you love working with data sets and adding value in creative, interesting ways?

Do you have a passion for applying your skills in a dynamic startup environment?

We’re expanding our team and seeking someone with a flair combining data analysis and rigorous statistical analysis with scalable, programmatic solutions. Using Python, R, JavaScript and other languages as your basis, you’ll create algorithms and scripts that churn through data finding hidden Nugits of insight and bringing them to the surface. Your day to day job will be working on the Nuglabs components of Nugit, teaming up with Data Scientists, PHDs, UX experts and management to translate analytics automation specs into Python code that runs across our data set of over 10,000 advertising accounts.

Here are some examples of the kind of work you’ll be spending your time on:   1. Developing automated audits and recommendations for platforms such as AdWords, Facebook and Twitter
2. Developing interfaces into Slack, Instant Message and Email to bring Nugit to life
3. Analysing the impact of optimisations and account changes on the actual results

Desired Skills and Experience
  • Strong knowledge of Python. Ie. You must know Python, we will test you.
  • Knowledge and experience of MongoDB and document based storage solutions.
  • Heroku and Amazon Web Services background.
  • Knowledge and experience with the top Python stats libraries
  • Strong capability to explain technical statistical concepts (such as how to calculate a regression line and confidence intervals) in simple terms for programmers.
  • Passion for teamwork and collaborating to producing industry-shaping solutions. “Can do” attitude with flair for finding solutions and working independently.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Willingness to work diligently and proactively in an unsupervised environment.
Bonus Points
  • Excellent understanding of descriptive statistics, distribution theory, hypothesis testing, statistical inference and linear regression.
  • Competent with languages such as JavaScript, R
  • Experience with digital data streams, such as AdWords and Google Analytics, Social Media
  • Experience using digital media APIs
  Salary range: $3,000 – $7,000 depending on experience.  

How to Apply Must be Singaporean resident or have permit to work in Singapore, so please don’t apply if you don’t fit this description. Email your information to to get the process started. Interviews start mid May. Apologies, only successful applicants will be contacts. It makes it much easier for us if you can share a link to your Github or similar online code repos, share any hobby projects. Also remember to tell us why you’re applying – this will help us more than a resume alone. Thanks everyone.

Inside Nugit

It’s a fresh week and have we got some news for all of you! The team at Nugit is rolling out even more new features, read on to find out all the juicy details of these 7 new features!

Download to Excel/CSV

img_downloadcsv Many of you have requested to download raw data from your campaigns so you can work more Excel magic on them. This feature has now been enabled for most Nugits. Simply click the CSV icon in the top right of each Nugit and your current view will be downloaded to Excel.

New Facebook Ads Image Performance Nugit

We’ve added a new Nugit for Facebook Ads that lets you analyse weekly key metrics and compare various Ad sets against Campaigns or demographic data such as age and gender. A dedicated Image Performance feature shows exactly how each of your image creatives is performing against your key metrics.

Example Nugit from Facebook

Time of Day Insights

This new feature analyses how your campaigns perform across different day parts. Slice your data by day of week, time of day, or the best 3 hour time windows. Use the insights to quickly identify your most profitable (or unprofitable times) and use bid adjustments, exclusions and other tools in the marketing platform to opitmise.


Example Nugit for Day Parting. Available for DoubleClick, coming to other platforms soon!

Tagging and Grouping your data

Want to see your advertisers results from 40,000 feet? Custom grouping of campaigns and accounts is here. Tag your data sources up by Country, Type of Activity, Phase, or any other group you want so you can roll-up your reporting to much higher levels.  

Alias to give your campaigns friendly names

You asked for it. You got it! Sometimes, the names you give campaigns include internal naming conventions, prefixes or suffixes. They’re great for managing your activity internally but not that friendly when shared with clients or other users. Now, Nugit supports instant renaming of any account, campaign or line item and other fields shown in Nugit to make your reporting just a little bit friendlier. Nugit remembers your changes, and whenever it sees this Field Name appear again in the future it automatically uses the friendly name. Because reporting should be simple.  

Customise Metrics

Every advertiser has different goals and metrics. Nugit lets you customise the metrics that appear in your reports. Choose from buying metrics such as Clicks, Cost and Impressions. Want to focus more on performance, include Conversion Rate, CPA, Sales, Revenue and ROI.

Better Headline Insights

We’ve improved the language and direction of the takeaway insights so you can use them right out of the box for your presentations. Together with the Report Builder, this drastically cuts down the time you need to craft that perfect presentation.

Other updates and improvements

• Quicker sign-up process for new users (Click here to sign up for a demo if you haven’t!) • Wrap campaign and other field names to two lines instead of cutting them off • Improved the presentation of email reports for recipients using Outlook for Windows • Auto-Saving of reports in the Report Builder • Scheduling and approval of reports   Until next week!


Inside Nugit
There’s no better way to kick-start 2015 than with a bang. That’s why we’re bringing you our best feature yet – the Nugit Report Builder.

Over the past few months, our team has been closely plugged into the needs of those assigned the task of weekly reporting. You know, those who spend their Mondays buried in Excel sheets and figures. The new Report Builder is designed especially for them. With the Report Builder, you can now easily create personalized weekly reports based on your client’s specific requirements, and share a slick-looking bespoke email report in just minutes. With the new Report Builder, drag-and-drop your way through weekly reporting in minutes, not hours.  

Here’s what you can do with the new Report Builder
  • Create a personalized report for each of your campaigns or brands.
  • Save your report as a template to make weekly and monthly reporting even easier.
  • Add comments and insights with your own unique avatar so recipients can see your point of view (another great reason to add your avatar during your next login).

Turbocharge reporting with automated delivery
Schedule reports to go to yourself, your team or your clients at a time and frequency of your choosing. Want more control? Add a review process to require your approval before reports are sent out. This lets you preview them and add your insights so they tell the right story.

Step-by-step guide to using the Report Builder

1.  Login to Nugit here (Existing users!)

2. Go to Report Builder

3. Click ‘+’ to create a new report (or choose an existing template from the drop-down menu)

4. Give your report a name and click ‘save’ to save it as a template.

5. Select your data source in the right hand panel to see a list of available Nugits.

6. Pick the Nugits you wish to display from the selection on the right. Else, sign up for a demo or more information!


1. Make your report easier to read with Headings, Separators and comments between each Nugit.

2. Format the report: Hide the title, header or graphics of each Nugit for a clean and simple look.

3. Easily share the report with your colleagues to add their comments by copying the URL.

Some of the Nugits you could include in your report 

Achievements – Monitor the weekly result and change from the previous week for the most important metrics in your account (e.g for Google Adwords)

Scorecard –  An assessment of an account against Nugit best practices to help identify opportunities to improve performance. Watch the account score change over time as recommendations are implemented. Campaign Performance –  Track and compare the performance of campaigns within your account. Spot trends and identify the areas to focus on.

Optimization Lifecycle –  See the types and frequency of activities conducted in your AdWords account over the last 45 days. Interact with the chart to see detailed information about what changes took place. Regular optimization of AdWords accounts is important to improve results.

Trending Segments-  Spot segments that are trending and proactively make decisions to optimize and manage them. Deep-dive into specific areas of the account to see what’s driving your activities forward.

I’m Dorothy, account manager at Nugit and would love to hear any comments or feedback at

You can be sure our team will be constantly iterating and improving it to better meet all your reporting needs! If this has piqued your interest in Nugit, send us your details to get a first hand view of the platform!