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Case Studies

Read about the results our Clients have achieved with Nugit’s Technology.

Mediacom Australia (Audi)

When Mediacom launched the national rollout of SEM campaigns for the Audi Australia Dealerships, a large number of reports needed to be created on a monthly basis. Mediacom teams needed to produce approximately 37 reports to various dealership marketing managers and each report consisted of data from a number of sources such as AdWords, Analytics and Marin. They needed a simple solution to correlate and combine the data and present it in a digestible, client-facing manner.

In order to do this, the team at Mediacom needed to first manually extract the data across the platforms, analyze all the data to provide useful insights and then manipulate it into an excel report, all before presenting this to the client. There were a total of 37 reports to be created monthly. Needless to say, it was a painfully manual and tedious process, which took up to a week to prepare, split among a team of 4.

Thanks to Nugit, the entire process was shortened to less than a day. Team members simply had to input the date range they required, and then analyze the results from the Nugit platform. The time saved allowed them to focus on optimizing the campaigns for better performance.



“The client (Audi) really enjoyed having an easy-to-read report that contained all the data they needed, which they usually had to find themselves, delivered consistently at the start of each month,”

Nick Hinchley, Performance Manager, Mediacom


The visualization of the platform also helped dealers spot trends and identify top performing campaigns. From the insights gathered in the platform, everyone was able to easily analyse month-on-month trends, as well as creative and model performance. This allowed dealers to pinpoint which models were popular from a search perspective monthly, and which call-to-actions resonated with the audience.  

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Publicis Media APAC


“Nugit has been an amazing tool for our teams to help reduce the workload in generating client reports. It has enabled us to stay on top of our data nimbly and provide quality insights for our clients efficiently.”

– Benjamin Yeow, Technology And Activation Group Practice Lead, Publicis Media APAC


Ogilvy APAC (IBM)

“Nugit allows us to take the ownership of managing marketing for the IBM account successfully; it provides good snippets of how I can tweak and fix campaigns across various platforms. With an easy to understand interface, I can use it effectively to understand how my budget is being spent and how I can plan it better.”  

– Mahima Kaur, Senior Regional Digital Manager at Ogilvy

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