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Knowledge Sharing at Nugit – Giang

Designer at Nugit, Hoang Giang is a self professed optimist, having a deep passion about design and crafting beautiful things, especially user interfaces and user experience. Originally from Vietnam, Giang (also known as Green) is often found at Nugit’s design lab in Singapore, hunched over a sketch board, working his creative juices and poring over his latest masterpiece. Today, we finally caught up with the elusive god of design and question him on his latest marvellous feat – the Nugit mobile application.

1. What is Nugit Knowledge Sharing?


Nugit knowledge sharing is a weekly event where people take turns to share about a topic which they are interested or passionate about. The topics are not restrictive, hence allowing the sharing sessions to be interesting and fun.



2. What was your presentation about?


It was about the new mobile app for Nugit. Basically, my idea is to make our App more convenient for people to use. As you know, we have been focusing on the web version of Nugit thus far, and will like to extend our optimal service to all platforms, with an emphasis on convenience and performance. Most people definitely have their phones with them all the time, hence Nugit can be accessible by everyone at any time. I did the mobile app first rather than application for apple TV or iPad because phones are more commonly carried around by people, as compared to other devices, thus gunning for the mobile app is the wise choice to make.


3. Which was the most difficult part when designing the nugit mobile app?


The most difficult part when I was designing the nugit mobile app, which I had spent about a really long time doing it, was bringing all the functions together inside the small screen. I mean, some parts of Nugit you can drag and drop but… I mean, its just really hard to work on a small, tiny screen, so I have to come up with different ideas and restructure the layout a bit. Perhaps the most excruciating moment was when I try to optimise the report builders for the mobile app. The report builders have a lot of addition tools and a lot of functions, so it took me quite a while. Generally, the app took a long time to be designed as I basically started from scratch and have to design and animate many features. 


4. Where did you get inspiration when designing the Nugit app?


I searched around and mainly referenced some examples from Pinterest and Dribble. There, I got some basic ideas for the style of the Nugit app. I referenced heavily from the material design guidelines, take a look around and then did a bit of research on the required animations.


We thank Giang for showcasing his work!