Participate in Nugit’s end-of-year usability test and earn $100!

They say if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

BAM! Here’s the door. Conjured up by the wizards of Nugland.

When you walk through the door, you will arrive upon the holy shores of Nugland, where the wizards have slogged through day and night to put together our latest invention — Nugit ON STEROIDS! Even though research suggests it could bestow unlimited speed, accuracy and efficiency to even the weakest of hearts, it is still in the developmental phase and we are looking for willing tributes to partake in our usability test.

Do you work in digital media, and do you send out performance reports to customers? Then you are the chosen one, and we are looking for you!

Here at Nugit we are continuously learning how to increase effectiveness and efficiency in the lives of digital media professionals. To better understand how you report performance metrics we want to invite you for our upcoming usability test. 
There will be three parts to the test:
1) an interview about your current workflow for reporting

2)being observed while you create a Nugit account and

3)being observed while you create reports in Nugit

The test will take place in our office on 55b Amoy Street in Singapore. It will take about 1 hour of your time and we will reward you with a $100 voucher for Amazon, Courts, or any other web shop of you liking.

You can choose a 60 minute time-slot on any of the following dates:
Wednesday 16 December between 1pm and 5pm
Thursday 17 December between 9am and 1pm
Saturday 19 December between 1pm and 5pm
Monday 21 December between noon and 7pm

You currently work in digital media
You manage 2 or more campaigns on AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Baidu, Sizmek, theTradeDesk, and/or Doubleclick
You send out reports on performance metrics
You have never used Nugit before

Looking forward to seeing you on the shores of Nugland.