Inside Nugit

The Wizards of Nugland

In the beginning, all was Chaos. The Rulers of Accounts in the Land of Media were besieged by the wild Serpents of Data. For Data was not organised then, but flowed in intermingling streams of meaningless multitudes. Much time and effort was spent every moon to wrest meaning from the Ether(net) and harvest Profitable Insights from the Data.

The Chief Executor of Nug beheld this parlous state of affairs and decided that it could no longer be. So he gathered him a band of Wizards, wise in the ways of UI and UX and Unix, and they journeyed far into the dark realm of Bits and Bytes. As they journeyed, they cast their spells, drawing the Serpents from the Ether(net) and transforming them into useful Tables and beautiful Graphs from which Profitable Insights could be harvested with ease. Yea, even the wildest of the Serpents proved no match for the magical Pythons Two wielded by the mighty Wizards of Nug.

The Wizards of Nug built with their incantations the great self-renewing Fortress of Nug, from which streams of wild Data would automagically be transmuted into perpetual Rivers of Information. These great works pleased the Rulers of Accounts to no end. Far did the Wizards journey, for a score of moons, but the Serpents were many, and the Wizards, few. Like dread Hydra slain by the mighty Heracles, for every Serpent transformed, two more rose to take its place. The Chief Executor of Nug was troubled, for though the works achieved thus far were mighty, he knew that the ones yet to be could be mightier still. Thus gathered he his Wizards, and spoke unto them.

“Guys, we need more developers.”

And all about him knew that it was so.

And his Wizards replied unto him, “Verily, you speak truth, O Chief Executor of Nug.”

“Heh, very funny, dude,” spake Chief Executor of Nug. “CEO of Nugit → Chief Executor of Nug. I get it. Why the fantasy-speak, though?”

“The Power is the Will, O Chief Executor, but the Word shapes the Power. Hence, if the Words be precise and ordered, the Nugits will be well-structured and beautiful to behold.”

“O-kaaay…” Chief Executor replied. “You know, I think I understand what you mean by serpents. Whatever you need, ahh… how can I put this in your language, go forth mighty wizard! “

And so, the Chief Executor conferred with the Lord Investors of Startups and the worth of Nug was not found wanting. Issued they the wealth of nations to Nugland, that more Wizards could heed the call. So there they stand now. The Wizards of Nug, with their spells and their magical Pythons Two, arrayed against the uncountable legions of Chaos. All know that Chaos can never be fully destroyed, but if the Wizards are mighty, their spells well-wrought and their hearts true, then may parts of Chaos be tamed and shaped and harnessed for the purposes of Man. Ere the final battle is joined, Nugland will need more mighty Wizards to wield the Pythons Two in battle, and wise Oracles, who can pierce the veils of Time with their miraculous vision and predict what manner of dread Data will emerge from the Wilds next week. Join us, worthy Wizards and Oracles, in this most glorious of battles. Together, we can prevail over-….

“Heh, you’re still doing the fantasy-speak, eh? Hmm, are you sure this will work as a recruitment blog post? I know I told you to go for it when you said you’d write one with a fantasy theme, but this seems a bit much.”

“Ok wizard guy, go find some engineers and ease off the beer drinking when you’re coding. “

Now Hiring: Python Engineer

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