Inside Nugit

Download to Excel, Day Parting Insights, new Facebook Nugits and more!

It’s a fresh week and have we got some news for all of you! The team at Nugit is rolling out even more new features, read on to find out all the juicy details of these 7 new features!

Download to Excel/CSV

img_downloadcsv Many of you have requested to download raw data from your campaigns so you can work more Excel magic on them. This feature has now been enabled for most Nugits. Simply click the CSV icon in the top right of each Nugit and your current view will be downloaded to Excel.

New Facebook Ads Image Performance Nugit

We’ve added a new Nugit for Facebook Ads that lets you analyse weekly key metrics and compare various Ad sets against Campaigns or demographic data such as age and gender. A dedicated Image Performance feature shows exactly how each of your image creatives is performing against your key metrics.

Example Nugit from Facebook

Time of Day Insights

This new feature analyses how your campaigns perform across different day parts. Slice your data by day of week, time of day, or the best 3 hour time windows. Use the insights to quickly identify your most profitable (or unprofitable times) and use bid adjustments, exclusions and other tools in the marketing platform to opitmise.


Example Nugit for Day Parting. Available for DoubleClick, coming to other platforms soon!

Tagging and Grouping your data

Want to see your advertisers results from 40,000 feet? Custom grouping of campaigns and accounts is here. Tag your data sources up by Country, Type of Activity, Phase, or any other group you want so you can roll-up your reporting to much higher levels.  

Alias to give your campaigns friendly names

You asked for it. You got it! Sometimes, the names you give campaigns include internal naming conventions, prefixes or suffixes. They’re great for managing your activity internally but not that friendly when shared with clients or other users. Now, Nugit supports instant renaming of any account, campaign or line item and other fields shown in Nugit to make your reporting just a little bit friendlier. Nugit remembers your changes, and whenever it sees this Field Name appear again in the future it automatically uses the friendly name. Because reporting should be simple.  

Customise Metrics

Every advertiser has different goals and metrics. Nugit lets you customise the metrics that appear in your reports. Choose from buying metrics such as Clicks, Cost and Impressions. Want to focus more on performance, include Conversion Rate, CPA, Sales, Revenue and ROI.

Better Headline Insights

We’ve improved the language and direction of the takeaway insights so you can use them right out of the box for your presentations. Together with the Report Builder, this drastically cuts down the time you need to craft that perfect presentation.

Other updates and improvements

• Quicker sign-up process for new users (Click here to sign up for a demo if you haven’t!) • Wrap campaign and other field names to two lines instead of cutting them off • Improved the presentation of email reports for recipients using Outlook for Windows • Auto-Saving of reports in the Report Builder • Scheduling and approval of reports   Until next week!



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