Inside Nugit

Intern spills all!

Find out what really goes on behind the scenes at Nugit.

  [This post is contributed by our former intern and whiz kid Terry Chia, who has put his undoubtedly bright career in digital analytics on hold to answer the nation’s call to serve. While we pine for him, we’re also constantly looking to grow our team. If you like what you see, check out our available positions here. – Dave]

  Hi, my name is Terry. I interned at Nugit from August to October 2014, mostly doing awesome stuff with data. But maybe I should backtrack a little first. I studied Information Security at Temasek Poly and previously interned at Red Hat. I’m a Python guy and contribute, whenever I can, to its open source cryptography library. Naturally, I hang out at PUGS (Python User Group Singapore), which is where I came across Nugit’s internship opportunity. Two chats and one analysis exercise later, I was hired—on the understanding that I’d ramp up my domain knowledge of statistics and digital media data.

And so began my internship. My role was to work with data from APIs like Google AdWords, Facebook, Baidu and Analytics and, using my knowledge of Python, extract useful stuff to share with our customers. I realised right away why the guys said I needed to get up to speed with digital media data. Looking at the data running across my screen, I knew the numbers but I didn’t know what they meant. It was confusing, to say the least. I can’t imagine how marketers deal with raw data day in, day out. I guess that’s why people come to Nugit for help.

Anyway, my first order of business was getting to know the APIs, where the data comes from and what treatments I needed to apply for each platform. Thankfully, the team has done a great job decoupling that so there’s consistency even between similar platforms like Baidu and Google. As I worked through the data, I discovered plenty of edge cases. It was actually pretty fun to drill down to the origin of the data so we could automate the analysis and take out all the weird stuff.

I say “we” because Nugit has a very collaborative environment. It’s a young start-up with people from literally everywhere—Australia, Europe, China and Singapore, of course. The team’s not huge but everyone helps out. I was paired with a front-end developer. We’d work together using Slack for collaboration and had meetings like once or twice a week, max.

Maybe because we never wasted time sitting around a table talking jargon, I managed to do a fair bit of work in three short months. I built the Scheduler component (the reason why you get your Nugits by 6am every morning). I created scripts that analysed the change history in AdWords and automated weekly summaries for each of our users. I helped develop the Trend Spotting analysis (you gotta read about it here). It required creating a script to find items trending in the Display and Search campaign and figuring out the best way to rank them from most to least important. Exciting stuff, huh?

“I created scripts that analysed the change history in AdWords and automated weekly summaries for each of our users.”